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Informal Diplomats

Extraordinary results through precious connections


Governmental organisations are working hard to provide communities with a safe, inspiring and stable environment. The known industry develops great solutions and innovative products, enabling officials to support the people they serve. In day-to-day business, existing networks facilitate both parties to find and help each other. However, special challenges require extraordinary effort. For all non-commodity products and services, Informal Diplomats can be your linking pin between supply and particular demand.


Informal Diplomats provides governmental and non-governmental organisations with non-standard products and services which require specialized knowledge and particular network.


Through the extended, international network of our skilled team, Informal Diplomats can effectively provide the best, reliable solution for a specific need. In compliance with guiding principles of international law, in full transparency to our clients, we provide our discrete services highly efficient, around the globe. Informal Diplomats operates low-key and backstage, granting you the spotlight if desired.


Informal Diplomats forward thinking executives like to challenge their in-depth industry knowledge and powerful network to select the best innovative solutions for their clients.


Rooted in the heart of the International diplomatic ecosystem, Informal Diplomats has strong but independent ties to politics, specialized global-, and local suppliers in a wide range of industries. Our area of expertise is arranged along the themes of society and security, including markets in: Healthcare, Defence, Energy, Chemicals and Technology. Please contact us for references or an inspiring meeting over possibilities.


- auxilium per nexum -

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Informal Diplomats

Extraordinary results through precious connections





Your organisation has developed a distinguishing non-commodity product or service, and successfully conducted a proof of concept. Finalizing the product development phase, you need powerful resources to deliver your unique value proposition to potential customers. Entering the scale-up phase, new challenges regarding business operations and financial management will need your attention. Informal Diplomats has the network, skills and experience to provide you with a substantial competitive advantage and long term business growth, avoiding an expensive and retarding learning curve.

 Informal Diplomats provide hands-on assistance in Sales/Marketing, Production/Quality and Finance/Funding that allow entrepreneurs to focus on what they do best. Our clients turn to us because they can benefit from our experienced network, making sure their investments and business are sustainable, profitable and innovative. We believe in partnerships; sharing knowledge, risk, investment, and return. Detailing specific conditions and scope in an exclusive sales agreement, we together design a reliable forecast and budget for both cost and revenue.

Informal Diplomats commits her experience, network and reputation to your success. Whether addressing with the utmost discretion a specific potential customer or exhibition in bright media attention, Informal Diplomats will bring you a profitable business with customer focus on you, staying outside the spotlight themselves.

strategic sourcing

Procurement of a specialty product or service does not only involve a specific network of suppliers, it also forces you to engage in a delicate, intense process of analysis, research, contracting and negotiating. Distinguishing the subtle difference between cost and price, our skilled and experienced professionals not only bring you a selection of trusted suppliers, they also provide a cost efficient solution to your sourcing needs.

Conforming with applicable governing law, it takes pragmatic creativity to avoid dragging formal procedures and time consuming tender processes. Our specialists can let you benefit from their extensive knowledge of local fiscal and customs regulations. In situations where time is of the essence, Informal Diplomats can accelerate processes and deliver under pressure without compromising quality or liability.

In political delicate situations, direct trade is not always an option. Informal Diplomats’ political and commercial network can provide an acceptable sourcing route, avoiding historic or political sensitivities, ensuring full discretion and maximal reliability. Informal Diplomats sourcing provides you with efficient services and optimal results, allowing you to focus on other priorities.

lead to order

Cutting back on processes, you might find the true core competence of your organisation is likely to be in R&D or production. All other processes that keep you occupied are imperative to keep your business running, but do not directly contribute to strategic, long-term goals. The funneling process of moving interesting leads to buying customers, is one of those time consuming processes, contributing little to the development of your product and organisation, but consuming a lot of your valuable time.


Prospects on the other hand become increasingly more demanding, requiring swift communication and professional marketing engagement. Informal Diplomats can handle your sales and marketing activities, ramping up your external communication to a professional level, allowing you to effectively focus on your priorities. Whether our full-scale marketing department is keeping your website up-to-date, dealing with general comments and inquiries, enhancing your presence on social media, organisation and attendance of trade shows or events, or follow-up on the prospects who reach out to you, Informal Diplomats can successfully represent your organisation to promising contacts and source new customers.


Our in-depth knowledge of relevant markets and audiences will improve your lead conversion to an attractive cost per order. Together with our marketing professionals and experienced consultants, we can tune the tone of voice for your organisation, deploy the best available resources, and schedule the activities fitting your needs best. Informal Diplomats can efficiently transform leads into orders. You stay in the driver seat, we follow-up, and enable you to focus on your core competences.



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